Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I like your blog! (But you are stupid and careless...)

Our friend Ashley at Cherished Bliss had a reader who didn't just leave her a comment... this reader went out of her way to fill out Ashley's contact form and email her directly.

The Kooky Emailer:
Subject: like your blog

What interests you the most?: Tutorials, Recipes, Shopping
Message: I like your have some fun and original ideas.
But, please please please learn to spell correctly, and use proper grammar and punctuation...maybe a writing class at a communiy would make your blog so much more enjoyable to read.

Ashley Says:
Seriously... she's attacking my PUNCTUATION when her email clearly is not properly punctuated.  While I love to use the infamous "..."  they are not grammatically correct, I know that and so does she, but she still uses them!!  
So I replied to her email and wrote:

It's a blog, not a book. Before you write somebody about proper grammer, you might consider using it in your own paragraph.
Thank you,

She wrote back again! is a blog and not a book...but you sound stupid and careless when you post and words are spelled incorrectly. I know it is fun to lash out when you have been criticized ...but, I'm right...
I'm sure I do have misspelled words and grammatical errors, I would like to know if she writes blog posts with a toddler screaming and a one year old pulling on her arm! It's a miracle I type posts up sometimes. If I was writing a blog on the English language I might put a little more thought in to it! 

Viv Says:
Wow.  Shouldn't there be commas in between all of those pleases?   
What the heck is a communiy college?  
You know what else sounds stupid and careless?  Contacting someone on the pretense of paying them a compliment, but really using it as a springboard to start criticizing.    It's also stupid and careless put your foot in your mouth and then try to get a splinter out of someone's eye.  When you fall over, all you do is shove the plank further into your own eye.  Owwie.
I am a huge fan of the ellipsis (...) and just can't help myself...

Mandi Says:
No.  Really?  So super unecessary people.  I think that it is 100 times more tacky to start a critique that is rude with a compliment.  If you are going to take the time to compliment someone then you can take the time to make your criticism constructive.  The end. If the original email wasnt supposed to have a harsh tone when the hater wrote back she should have said something like "Ashley I really do love your blog.  I know that you take a lot of time on each post and I just have your best interest at heart."  Instead of freaking out.  The end....again.

What do you say?