Monday, May 30, 2011

Bigotry 101

Before we start off here: THIS IS NOT A FORUM TO DEBATE DIFFERENT RELIGIOUS BELIEFS. This is about one commenter's small-minded stupidity.

Brycie is the lovely and talented gal behind Reenie Jae Creations . She took a quick break from her normal crafting posts to write about something in her life that she was excited about.  One of her readers did not share Brycie's enthusiasm.  However, rather than politely keep quiet and wait until the next crafting post was published, the reader sent Brycie the following email:

I do so enjoy your blog, but was saddened to hear that you are LDS. To find out that someone of your spunk, sass and creativity has been sucked into the most UNTRUTHFUL church known to man, it just breaks my heart. Can you not see the falsehood of your “church”? The lies and deception they spew? And to be excited about a worldwide broadcast event of lies, is just sad. There are many places you can find the truth and many organizations in Utah that can help you if you want to escape the grasps of the evil. Don’t be afraid to seek the truth.  I pray that you may find the truth in your life and be lead unto Christ, the REAL and TRUE Christ. God Bless.
And ps. I am not so sure I will be reading your blog anymore. I have no desire to read posts about a false church.
Concerned Christian

Brycie says:

Dear Concerned Christian,
Thanks so much for enjoying my BLOG! I appreciate that! Though I am saddened to hear that you have stopped reading it on account of my religious belief. In my book that would be under the category of bigotry, don't you think? I mean if stopped reading blogs I loved just because they weren't the same religion or didn't have the exact same belief as myself, I would basically have no blogs to read or follow. Not to mention that would be completely idiotic! I mean we are crafters! Isn't that something we can share DESPITE religion or beliefs? Isn't that the ONE thing that does connect us?  It really is sad to think THAT is what stopped you from reading my blog, not that you thought I was tacky or untalented or boring, but because of bigotry! WOW! Sad.

Viv says:
A bigot is a person who is so devoted to their own beliefs and opinions that they are irrationally intolerant of anyone who looks or thinks differently than they do.  Concerned Christian...? Um, you meet all the criteria.  You're a bigot.  Sorry.   Time for some self-reflection. 

Mandi says:
Bigot: A conjunction of the 2 word Big and Idiot. Hows that for a definition sucka?

I think that Brycie pretty much said it all.  I too have had people "unfollow" my blog because of my religion. ITS HER BLOG which means that its a direct refection of Brycie. She can post about whatever she wants. If you have an issue with it, why do you feel like its so necessary to explain?  Do you think she writes her blog solely for you Miss Concerned Christian to read? Cause news flash, she doesn't.  It does zero good to pull people down with your rudeness.  We are all different, every single one of us believe different things, geez stop projecting your mad issues on others. 

REMEMBER: this is NOT a debate about religion. Any comments using this post as a platform for their religious views or slamming other's views will be deleted.  Understood? Great! Then with that out of the way...
What do you say?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Clash of the Crafters

There is a monthly craft contest called One Month To Win It.  (Think Survivor meets Iron Chef meets Project Runway.)  In a Final Round, Emily from Homemade {lovely} made a picnic bag to hold utensils.  In the crafter's description of her picnic bag, she wrote:
I know they sell backpack things already stocked with everything you could ever need for a picnic and more, but one, I think those things are a bit tacky, and two, they are definitely a bit of an overkill. I don't know about you, but I have NEVER needed champagne glasses on a picnic. 

Apparently, this reference of "a bit tacky" really upset one of the readers, who left the following comment: 
I'm not voting for the picnic basket because, while it's cute and creative your write up was super offensive. I love my picnic backpack and when my husband and I dated we loved to go and sip wine on our picnics so the plastic wine glasses were fun on a picnic level. You should be more careful about how you write and think about who your audience might be when you say things. You could have easily made your point without putting anyone down.

Emily was gracious enough not to go for the jugular in her response:  
...I'm sorry if my post offended you. If you knew me, you would know the last thing I would ever want to do is offend someone else or hurt their feelings. You are right, I should have just said that those types of backpack bags are not my thing and left it at that. It sounds like you and your husband had a great time using them. Again, sorry.   I am posting this anonymously to try and respect the anonymity of the voting and the competition.

Gracious, right?
Not good enough for the Cranky Commentor: 
Thanks to the creator of the bag for your follow up comment. I know you didn't intend to offend so I made my comment to point out how it came across to someone who has fond memories of picnic dates with a backpack and having someone associate the word "tacky" with it. I have a feeling you got some sympathy votes since people thought I was lashing out at you, which I WAS NOT. I know in writing it is hard to establish tone, my comment was not an attack, just saying how I felt effected my vote. Your project is very cute and creative, I am looking forward to checking out your other projects when your identity is announced this week!

Several other comments expressed support for Emily, but after anonymous left her follow-up comment, it was just too much for one of them and she got the last word:  
You clearly have a few issues. You became offended by such a slight comment that it was pretty ridiculous. AND THEN, after being apologized to, you write a snarky "I have a feeling you got some sympathy votes since people thought I was lashing out at you". That comment is so passive-agressive and petty.  I have a feeling you are a person who thrives on drama. Let it go and you will be a lot happier and a lot less easily offended.

Viv Says:
When one finds oneself in a hole, the best thing to do is TO STOP DIGGING! 
Sometimes while we try to get one foot out of our mouth, we end up putting the other one in as well. Cranky Commentor needs to just stop. speaking.  Stop Speaking!  She also needs to realize that she is not the center of the universe and that she should not filter everything she sees and hears through her "it's all about me" perspective.  

Mandi Says:
Whoa, whoa, whoa.  I know I've been MIA for a week or so and have been painting pretty much the ENTIRE time but I cannot wrap my head around this one.  So Mrs. Anonymous is being a meanie cause our cute crafter slightly slammed plastic wine glasses in a tacky picnic bag? Guuuurl.  See we are blessed with this weird thing, you may have never heard of it but its called an OPINION.  Personally I dont use toilet paper cause I think its a crime against mother nature.  Chew on that.

Actually I do use toilet paper, which reminds me I need to go to the store.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Male cheerleaders shouldn't be so sensitive. (People will make fun of 'em...)

My brother-in-law (whom I love dearly) is just out of his element when he leaves wacky comments on my blog... 
****originally published on The V Spot January 27, 2009****

Criticism is part of life. I expect it. I yap about whatever I want to on this blog and I figure most people
don't read it;
could care less; or,
agree with me.

Sometimes it is the person doing the criticizing that is a surprise.... I am being criticized by my (big, strapping, weightlifting) brother-in-law because I said in a post that the movie Bring It On has no plot.
I will respond to what I sincerely hope are his tongue in cheek comments. (I thought about putting his comments in pink, but that's just uncalled for. Italics will work just fine.)

As the former captain of a male Yell Leading squad ('88 CVHS), and who at one point in his own life could indeed do round-off's, cartwheels and splits (from my own Karate days no less)...

You do know this is a public site, right? Other people will find out about this past of yours...

I am stunned you say there is no plot to Bring It On. "Blasphemy" I yell in my gold and black megaphone!

OK, maybe I was a bit harsh when I said there was NO plot. I'll rephrase. There IS a plot. It's just that it is so tired, transparent and formulaic that it is easy label it as having no plot.
I stand corrected.

I'll have you know there are 4 movies in the franchise, with a 5th (Bring It On: Fight to the Finish) slated for a 2009 release!!

McDonald's is a franchise too. Just because there are a lot of them around doesn't make them innovative, exciting, thought-provoking or necessary. (And the fact that you are so generous with the use of exclamation points when it comes to writing about the 5th one... well, it has me a bit worried about you.)

The stories are chock full of high stakes drama fueled by teen angst as generally the under dogs have to overcome insurmountable odds to prove they are the best cheer team.

Remove the cheerleader aspect and you've just described the plot of every Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon ever made.

It's the tale of the unsung hero's...the cheerleaders and yell leaders of our communities. We never get credit.

Does the tale belong to the unsung heroes, or is it about them? Decide, adjust your punctuation accordingly, then get back to me. (Say hi to my sis and give her a big hug!)

Mandi Says:


Oh my gosh.  I wish I could tell you my husbands deepest darkest secret right now.  But I cant.  I think that everyone has an opinion and whether we agree with it or not its valid.  Viv hated the movie.  Her bro-in-law obviously loved it. 

Personally I liked it but it DID rub in my face how uncoordinated I am and how when I yell it comes out all Banshee and crap. (just ask the girls in my bunco group)

ps. I am LOLing that he called cheer and yell leaders unsung heros of the community. Riiiiight.

What do you say?

PLEASE SEND US OVER SOME HATE MAIL! Or else will be forced to post stupid youtube videos of cats eating peanut butter like the ones you see on icarly!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

And You Thought Your Mother In Law Was Bad….

One of our really great friends on twitter sent us this email.  She has asked to remain Anonymous for reasons that you shall be made very aware of.

The Slammed Blogger Says:
I had a blog... I no longer have that blog thanks to my psycho mother- in-law.


I started a blog about my happy little family, decorating, creating, crafting, cooking...basically everything I love.  I had a pretty good little following for only having been around a few months.  Well.  My in-laws are crazy, mean people.  Not quite sure how my husband turned out like he did. 
Back to the blog.  When I decided to start my blog, I also decided to block my sister-in-law on Facebook because I didn't want her to share my blog with anyone in their family ( mostly because I feel like the only way to avoid snide, hateful comments from them is to avoid them at all costs.)  So at first I blocked her ( or so I thought) so I would post my links to FB so my friends and family could visit the blog.  Well, apparently I never clicked the block button and she was able to view my blog.  Of course, she sent it to EVERYONE in their family and they were all (unbeknownst to me) stalking it daily.  Well one day I did a post about how I would not be visiting them over a weekend and that my son and I would have the weekend to bond and have a little fun.  ( He had a double ear infection and I ended up with a stomach virus-so neither of us would have done well on a 6 hour car trip)  Well about 2 weeks later ... I get a comment made from an email address from my MIL's company that says.  "Too late all the in-laws have already read this and we know you are a liar."  Pretty sweet huh?  Then she went on to leave comments under craft posts that I had done that said "stupid"  "ugly" etc.  She went back and deleted those, but my email sure did save them for me to see.

Before you judge me for trying to keep my in-laws at a distance let me tell you a few little stories.

1. Before I graduated from college, she told me "I can't believe you wasted your education on over-paid babysitting."  ( I am a teacher)

2. When we got engaged there was no congratulations, I was told " You better not mess up his life" ( we both had jobs, college degrees and we had bought a beautiful home together, we had also been together 4 years)  She went right out and got a bigger diamond for her ring so that mine would not be bigger than hers.

3. She insisted on paying for the DJ for our formal evening wedding but our cost limit was $500.00 and she never signed the contract.  So a month before the wedding she called and blamed my husband for it. When I nicely and calmly said "Don't worry about, it I will call my mom and we will take care of it."  She called me ( and my mom)  "Stuck up snotty Bi*&%es."  Then REFUSED to apologize for it.
4. At said wedding she literally stomped her feet and threw a screaming fit IN THE CHURCH over pictures she wanted taken ( but didn't pay a dime for)

5.  When I was pregnant she asked me what our names were for the baby and I proceeded to tell her both girl and boy names and she promptly told me " if you name a girl that I will make fun of her every time I see her.  A name like that deserves to be made fun of."

6.  When she visited my brand new baby who had no immune system in the hospital, she had a fever. She didn't bother to tell me that until she was holding the baby.

7.  During the first year of my child's life she NEVER once came to visit him ( she lives an hour away)  Then badmouths us for not driving 6 hours to see her extended family?

AND that my friends was the last straw.  You mess with my kid?  I am DONE with you.  So guess what?  I don't care what she thinks of me.... I am a nice person with a good heart and she can trash me all she wants to whomever she wants.  Because I have a wonderful family, and that is what matters.

And you know what I have to say to her?  Nothing.  Talking to her would be a waste of my breath.

Although I would love to tell her she should see a doctor about Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

I closed my  old blog down, got off Facebook completely and have started fresh with a new blog... and I have yet to receive on mean comment on it :) 


Mandi Says:
Wow.  I am pretty much speechless.  Is her name by chance Luci…fer? She has got some big issues and you probably should keep your happy fam away from her claws.  And good for you for starting another blog!

Viv Says:
This is one of those times when I wish Dr. Freud was still on call.  I think the Slammed Blogger hit the nail on the head when she talked about narcissism... but I think she may have the added bonus of a true sociopath for a mother-in-law.     Let's discuss some sociopathic tendencies, mkay?  
Anti-social behavior?  Check!
Lacking a sense of moral responsibility?  Check!
Social conscience isn't what it should be?  Check!
Ridiculous notions of entitlement? Check!
Impulsive...? Superficial...?  Manipulative...? Check! Check! and Check!

For reals, go here if you think I am kidding. 

I'm glad our Slammed Blogger started another blog.  She needs a good pen name, but she for sure needs an outlet for her creativity... and a way to get her MIL stories off her chest.   Keep it up.  Keep writing, keep creating and keep that whack-a-doo away from your precious family.  You are under NO obligation to this woman.  She lost her chance for a nice relationship with her son's wife and child.  
(And even if you did keep extending an olive branch... she's a sociopath and would just take it and beat you with it...)

What Do You Say?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Why You Should Care About What Your Kids Wear.

Miss Michelle@ A Little Tipsy got this awesome comment on this post: What Should My Son Wear?
This is the most moronic thing I've ever seen. No, really: ever. What kind of a self-absorbed fool puts that much time into what their son is going to wear for a photo? I am pretty sure that the part that's supposed to matter in any photo is your child--his face, his size, his personality.
Your priorities are whacked, and you're an egocentric freak. Get over yourself.
The Slammed Blogger Says:
How sad that this is the most moronic thing you have EVER seen.
Your life must be pretty dull. I have seen countless more moronic things, like how about the lady who called the cops because someone stole her weed.
What mom doesn't put time in to what her kid will wear in a photo shoot? Sad. They are the ones scarred for life because the yearbook comes out and there they are permanently documented in the hands of 500 kids with a bad case of bedhead.
Of course I am going to let his face and personality shine. Actually, I was planning on cutting off his head in all the shots and just focusing on the incredible outfit. Please. Of course my child is most important. He is so cute that he looks adorable in anything I put him in which makes it so hard to choose.
I understand if you think I am egocentric. I am pretty self-absorbed, I do write a blog about myself. Though I do not set up a "special" account to cut others down. I hope you get what you need out of it. I know it gave me a big smile and chuckle. You win for the most moronic comment, no really, EVER.

Mandi Says:
I ditto everything Michelle says. If you don’t care what your kid wears your family picture will end up like mine: (click to enlarge)
Yes, that really is our family Christmas picture.  I am the one with the mullet holding the baby with a unibrow.

Viv Says:
Dang it, Mandi!  You gave me the hurty-kind of hiccups that you can get from laughing really hard!

(I bet last Friday, Ms. Anonymous was pulling her hair out due to all of the Self Absorbed Egocentric Freaks who were so interested in what Kate Middleton was wearing!)  
The vibe that her hateful, venomous comment gives me is that she is the type of person who sucks the air (and the fun) out of any room she's in.  She is the Sucker of Fun.  The Enemy of Style.  In the great fashion delicatessen, she is an egg-salad sandwich on white.  She is tight lipped, thin skinned, and has a perennial pebble in her shoe.  And she wants to share her gloom.

Michelle summed it all up pretty well, but I would ask this question: what kind of self-absorbed fool DOESN'T pay attention to how their kids look?   There have been times when my kids didn't look clean, put together and well kept, (shocking, right?!) and I am fairly certain it was a bad reflection ON ME.

So which is it?    Is Michelle self-absorbed because she cared about how her little guy looked in what were probably his very first school photos?  Was I self-absorbed because I didn't scrutinize my kids enough before they walked out the door?  OR... is Ms. Anonymous self-absorbed because she hasn't figured out she needs to get over herself
(I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it's that last one...)

What Do You Say?