Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Let there be light! (As long as the electrician is a woman...)

OK, so check out this amazing Anthropologie-inspired glass ornament chandelier.
Breann and Hillary are co-writing this brand new (and really fabulous) blog called Things We Fancy.
You know what they don't fancy...? That their 2-week old blog that already has a Hater. Seriously? Oy.

Anonymous was unclear about where, exactly, the light source came from in this post....
Yep, the other commenters are right -- this says nothing about where the light actually comes from! To me, it looks like there is one light bulb connected to a simple light fixture, which is wired up to the "light wire" (the electrical wire that sticks out of your ceiling when you remove your old light fixture). I understand she is clueless about "man things"... but COME ON! There is all sorts of information on the internet about how to do it. Don't be helpless. And at least tell your poor readers where the light is coming from! (e.g., it's not coming from Christmas lights inside of each ornament.)

As a woman and a crafter, I resent this stereotypical helplessness!

Our Slammed Bloggers Say:
Oh, Hey ANONYMOUS! Nice of you to stop by with your cynicism. We're actually pretty impressed that our blog has been live for less than 2 weeks and we already got a rude anonymous comment! Looks like we're doing something right!

You're right, we should have been a little more clear as to the light fixture in the chandelier. However, if you weren't such a jerk, you'd see in the above comments we explained where the light was coming from to our "poor readers." They were also followed up via e-mail.... that CLEARLY makes them super unfortunate.

Yes, we could have EASILY looked up some YouTube video on how to install a light wire, but what's the point if you already have someone there who knows how to do it?! If your husband was a mechanic and you had a blown transmission, would you go take classes on how to fix it yourself? No, because that's freaking dumb. You're right though, asking a husband to install a wire because he knows how and I don't want to electrocute myself makes me totally helpless.

As women and crafters, we resent your stereotypical anonymous comment!

Viv Says:
Perhaps Anonymous needs more than one light bulb to read by...? Because it was clear to me in the text of the post that there is one wire/one light bulb illuminating the chandy. (And let's say i didn't read it 2 gud: there's a pitchur of a single bulb in the middle a'that cluster o' or-nam-nets...) Perhaps negativity impairs your vision?

Additionally, it seemed pretty obvious that the line about "asking a man for help" was pretty tongue in cheek. These gals seem far from helpless. Poking around their newly formed blog, I can tell that I will be a frequent visitor due to their innovation, inspiration and utter lack of Helpless Female Syndrome.

Anonymous? As a woman and a crafter, I resent that you let your snarky, holier than thou, Gloria Steinem-ish nature take over and tried to tear down other women, rather than support them. So much for us girls trying to stick together. Boo to you.

Mandi Says:
What. The Crap.  You know what I think this is?  I think this is a case of "Someone got to a project before I could"-itis. Which is the technical term when seeing a really great knockoff project that you had on your 15 mile long to do list, and being jerkish and lashing out that someone made it before you did.  This projects is super cool and CLEARLY you can tell that there is just one light bulb in it...let me refresh your memory:

Yup pretty sure they aren't all filled with Christmas lights...

What do You say?