Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bad guest or bad hostess...?

Wow. I got some hate mail.  It appears these people don't know that I co-author a blog about mean comments!

I did a post called How NOT to set up a buffet & 5 things to make your next potluck more successful.  In it, I showed pictures of a really bad, really tacky buffet table set up.  I made it very clear that this was not about paper plates vs fine china, or a casual get-together vs Tea with The Queen... this was about hospitality and making your guests comfortable and welcome... (and not like they were an inconvenience for the hostess).

Not-So-Anonymous Said:
Wow. I am so incredibly shocked at how tacky you and Connie are. 
Hey about a blog about this..."How to make fun of your host." Oh wait you just did that. How about, or "How to eliminate friends." Oh, you did that too. Dang.

Anonymous Said:
This made me sad. I usually love all you blogger gals for your sense of humors but this just seemed mean. Who knows what the circumstances were? I love hosting parties and preparing evertything just so, but I would never be this cruel to someone else who doesn't. Why so be harsh and judgmental? If you want to be totally Type A good for you, but don't penalize other, more laid back gals, because they want to get together with friends and family without getting the shakes! I hope the hostess reads your blog also...and remembers to strike your names from any further get-togethers, for fear of offending your delicate sensibilities. I mean really! Some people like the whole "idea" of entertaining, while others just like to get together without it being a "big deal". Take a deep breath, move away from the oh so offensive buffet, and just enjoy the company (if you can find it in yourselves to do that either).

Viv (The Slammed Blogger) Says:
hospitality (noun) - Cordial and generous reception of or disposition toward guests.

Geez people!  Really?!  
It's harsh and judgmental to think a hostess should put out a serving utensil for chopped fruit?  
I'm cruel because I want a spatula or tongs to pick up a hamburger patty?  
I'm tacky because I think it's gross to have trash and half eaten food dumped on the serving table?  
I'm Type A because I think the number one goal of a host/hostess should be to make their guests feel comfortable and cared for?  Seriously?!

Given the fact that one of these commenters has a blog with the words "Paper Cup" in the title, I figure I offended her paper product sensibilities.  Not my intent.  In fact, I clearly stated that I had nothing against paper plates, etc.     I never said things had to be all snooty and formal. You can have a casual get-together and still make your guests comfortable.   By the way, we did know what the circumstances were: it was an annual BBQ/pot-luck.  What bothered me here was a person who has been "hosting" a party every year since 1994 and couldn't care less if her guests were comfortable... put some care and love into it, or stop throwing the party.

In summary: if the fact that I don't want to pick up a hot, greasy burger patty with my bare hands, or pick up chunks of melon or pineapple with my fingers means that I am Harsh & Judgmental, Cruel, Tacky and Type A.... well, then,  I guess I am all of those things.   I will proudly add those titles to my Hostess With The Mostess resume` and will walk a little taller when I wear my Party Goddess Tiara.

Mandi Says:
I thought Viv's post was so hilarious.  I mean I of all people have all the reason in the wolrd to get offended when it comes to the paper products seeing as how I live in Utah's Dixie. 

Ok that was a bad joke.

But back to the post. I didnt see anything wrong with it.  If you have read Viv's blog or Hate Mail or any of her tweets or FB posts AT.ALL. you know that she is the queen of sarcasm.  Posts like this need to be taken into the context of the blog.

And I have to agree with the bare hands comment that Viv shot back.  Especially with the fruit. Cause you know people are totally more inclined to lick their fingers after picking up fruit than a greasy patty. And that my friends is not awesome.

What Do You Say?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Reading Comprehension... thrown right down the stairs.

Rachael over at Lovely Crafty Home was probably ecstatic when her stair makeover was featured at Tatertots & Jello, and then Apartment Therapy picked it up from there...  She should have been super happy.  

But then she had the hard cold truth hit her.  There are stupid people out there who can only look at pik-tchers and dey kannot reed two good.  There is no other explanation for all the comments she got, stating how ugly her before picture was, and why she didn't make it prettier before taking the photo.

The Hater Said:
No offense, but this looks like cheap marbled linoleum on a basement stairwell. I can imagine it maybe looking okay somewhere else... but not really. Just cleaning up the stairwell would have been fine. It was gross before.

What Rachael Said:
Rachael here...the owner of the filthy stairs...that will teach me not to take a "keeping it real" before photo...
To answer some questions, the poly I used is floor grade so it would be the same as refinishing your hardwoods. It is also easy to patch up though, and I've read many other stories that it wears really well.
It's also a great temporary solution if you are saving up for hardwood it can go right on top.

What Rachael Wanted To Say:
You know that when you start a sentence with "no offense," you're probably about to offend someone, right? I'm so pleased you were able to detect the fact these are basement stairs, therefore we do, in fact, take slightly less care of this area than we do our upstairs. We definitely take all our guests on a tour of our unfinished basement, just to make sure they grasp the fact that this is not living space. I am, however, not impressed with your reading comprehension. Apparently you missed the part where I explained that it is not dirt on the stairs, but actually the floor grade paint showing wear all the way to the mdf. As in, I already tried cleaning them. 

Viv Says:
Seriously!  We all have done our fair share of "skimming" a post or an email, or just looked at the pictures.  If I plan on writing anything more detailed than "Hey! Great job!" you can bet that I read the article or post before doing so.   You know why?  Because I don't want to look like a jackass....  
(BTW - It looks great and is a fab solution, Rachael! Nice job.)   

Mandi Says:
I totally remember this being on AT and I thought it was AWESOME.  Plus obviously the commenter doesnt understand the impact of a reeeeeeeally bad before pic to a reeeeeeeeeally awesome after.  Idiot. 

What Do You Say?