Who's behind this?

This blog got started because the blog-osphere can get pretty mean at times.  There is a "hit and run" mentality where anonymous (usually) comments are written that are insensitive, demeaning and often just plain cruel.  There was no safe place for the blogger on the receiving end of all this nastiness to do or say anything about it.

Until now.

I firmly believe that it is better to air out a stinky room than to just close the door on the smell.  Here is a safe place to air out the mean, stinky comments that were left for you and to get some support and love from your fellow bloggers.

I'm Vivienne, a stay at home mom to 4 boys, and I occasionally find time to write at The V Spot.

I have decorating ADD, I root for the underdog, I'm a pretty good cook and loves me a glass of wine or two (being as I have 4 boys and all.)  I am a self proclaimed "Half Italian - Half Redneck"... so try not to make me mad. (Fair warning: spiteful anonymous comments make me mad.)

Thanks for stopping by!