Submit Your Mail

If you have a comment or email that ticked you off WE WANT IT!!  Overly critical?  Unnecessarily snarky?  Flat out nasty? Send it in!

Here's your chance to say what you want to say.   Feel free to link to the post that got slapped with the mean comment, but don't give us the whole history or back-story.  Just focus on the content of the mean comment.  Write why they're wrong.  Write why they're mean.  Tell them why their comment is idiotic... just do it without using profanity, and do it with out completely sinking to their level.

Here is your chance to vent!  Just do it with a little dignity and then move on.  Keep doin' what you're doin'!  Email us with a link to your post, the comment and your "response" to it.  We'll post it and you can be happy knowing you got the last word.

If you prefer to remain anonymous we respect that.  But don't be afraid to show your face.  This is all about shedding light on the trolls.

We will not out the commenter if they had enough guts to post their name when they hated.

Don't be scared to share!  We think you are amazing and that is all that matters.