Monday, June 11, 2012

That's weird... Most people are happy when there's dessert.

Gah!  Poor Priscilla at Thrifty Crafty Girl tried to do us all a favor and share a her quick, easy and delicious recipe for what she calls Cherry Crobbler with us...  
(Yes, Crobbler.)

Someone did not appreciate Priscilla's generosity and took in upon herself to criticize this fabulous 3 ingredient dessert and to do a bit of name calling...

The Mean Commenter said:
"every pat of butter is 100 calories. i counted 18. so, that's 1800 calories in butter. the whole package of cake mix is 1000 calories. there are 680 calories in a whole can of cherry pie filling. so, technically, the entire pie is 3480. divided by 6 pieces is 580 calories a slice. that's if you really stick to eating just one slice. add in a scoop of vanilla ice cream tacks on another 150 to 200 calories.
oh yeah. you're a real thrifty, crafty, hefty girl.
better to have used real cherries, just a pat of butter and a few teaspoons of sugar and topped it off with a crumble made from old fashioned oats and cinnamon.
moving on. outta here. yuck." 

Our Slammed Blogger Says:
Huh.  OK, is it my turn to talk now? Oh, it is? Super.  'Cause I have a couple things to say...
Let's start by saying that I never claimed this was healthy.  Here's a piece of news for you: a lot of desserts aren't healthy.  I know, it came as a total shock to me, too.  I'll let that heartbreak set in while I address my next point.
Did you just call me fat?  I believe you said "Hefty".  Oh, it's on now.  If you assume that just because I consume mass quantities of fat, sugar and salt I'm hefty, well then you've underestimated this Thrifty Crafty Girl.  I'm also assuming you think I sat down with the entire dish in my lap, consuming this dessert in its entirety without a spoon 'cause it gets in the way of my binging.  Well, I wanted to... but I was forced to share.
And I'll finish by saying this: I DON'T RECALL STUFFING A GUN TO YOUR RIBS AND FORCING YOU TO MAKE THIS RECIPE.  If I did that, I'd be crazy, now wouldn't I?  And if I were crazy, I'd leave ridiculous comments on blogs under the name 'Anonymous'.  And I just don't do that.  A better idea would be to have tried the version you suggested and put THAT in the comments... I'm all for having healthier versions of my recipes.  Not for me, since us hefty girls have to keep up the calorie consumption, but other people might like it.
And you're moving on outta here? Shame... I was looking forward to more crabby anonymous comments from you.

Viv Says:
Wow.  Priscilla seems to have it under control.  I think this time around I'll just offer up a wee bit of visual advice:
She can count calories and call names, but apparently isn't familiar with the workings of a keyboard.  Nice.

What do you say?

Monday, June 4, 2012

When Idiots weigh in on Anniversaries. (It's never pretty.)

Good grief, Charlie Brown!  Chalk this one up to people who are bitter and can't understand what playful banter is...  Lauren at Filing Jointly... Finally (isn't that a cute name!?)  is a newlywed and wrote an obviously tongue in cheek post about how her husband didn't share her enthusiasm about their 11 month anniversary. 
She wanted to celebrate on 11/11/11 at 11:11.  Him?  Not so much.  Anyone who has even half a brain cell should be able to tell that she is totally kidding around, and should also be able to tell that her blog is chock-full of funnies.
It appears there are several anonymous readers who do not, in fact, have a whole brain cell between them.
Here are three:
#1 "Wow stumbled upon this by accident! I feel sorry for this Ryan dude sound extremely spoiled and bitchy and who the hell celebrates each month how long they have been married! I barely have time to think of one anniversary a year because Yes this is what the word anniversary means! Who lets spoiled immature people like you get married? Bad mouthing your husband so openly like this after only 11 months of marriage is pathetic! You will be divorced before you can celebrate 11 years!"

#2 "My friend who stumbled on this by accident sent me the link for a laugh. Lol, indeed. Give the guy a break. I mean, he's already facing a yearly reminder that he married an imbecile, does he really need one every month? I can't say I blame him for not wanting to wish with you--I don't think there's any nice way to say, "I wish my wife would stop being a moron." Good luck with that."

#3 "Oh SHUT UP! Today is my 3-year anniversary. As in, the actual anniversary of the date we got married three years ago. Though actually today marks the date TEN years ago that we first got together. I got my husband a nice watch, a bottle of Crown Royal Reserve, and a sweet card talking about how much I loved him. And what did I get? A big fat nothing. Not even a "Happy Anniversary." So excuse me if I don't have any patience to listen to you talk about not getting what you want for your 11-month anniversary. And by the way, count your lucky stars that you're able to use his credit card to buy new boots. That shit would absolutely not fly around here. And seeing as he didn't call you any four-letter names or hurl something at your head while this interaction was going on, you guys's conversation was NOT ALL THAT BAD. It was pretty normal, in fact. If anything you come off looking like a spoiled little brat for wanting to get your way about a made-up holiday, and then demanding to use his credit card. YOU HAVE A NORMAL HUSBAND. Enjoy that fact, and stop bitching. I guarantee you a lot more people have it WAY worse than you. Enjoy what you have. Your griping about this is making you look really petty and unattractive." 

Our Slammed Blogger Says:
I chose not to respond on my blog, though a lot of my sweet Blogstalkers (what I call my readers) did respond for me.  But if I did decide to justify the comments with a reply, this is what I would say.  This is a humor blog.  It is supposed to be ridiculous.  And I can not stress enough the fact that this post was just a JOKE.  Maybe not a very good one, but a joke nevertheless.  I didn't try seriously to make my husband celebrate 11 months nor did I actually use his credit card (which is actually a joint account) to purchase myself a gift.  That would be ridiculous.  My husband and I love each other very much and he supports my blog wholeheartedly.  He understands my inane sense of humor, which you all obviously do not.  And that is just fine, truly.  What is not fine, and I think most people would agree, is calling someone you do not know spoiled and bitchy and pathetic. You label me immature and ask who let me get married.  My answer is this, I made the decision myself thank you very much, as I am an adult.  You, in my opinion, are the ones that are being immature, calling someone you again, do not even know, an imbecile and a moron.  For what is the purpose of this?  It is hurtful and downright mean.  Oh and as far as your prediction that my husband and I will not be together after 11 years?  We actually hit ten years together in January and we're still going strong.  And you know what?  We celebrated our ten year dating anniversary even though we're married now and should start over.  Because to us, it was a milestone and we both wanted to commemorate the occasion in some small way.  For your sake(s) I hope that you were just having a bad day when you commented.  For it would be trying, I think, to go through life in such a resentful and it seems (though I wouldn't know as I do not know you) bitter way.  Oh, and if my husband called made a habit of calling me names and hurling things at my head?  He wouldn't be my husband any longer.  Just saying. 

Viv Says:
This is truly stupid.  Let's examine their comments, shall we?

#1 - "...who the hell celebrates each month how long they have been married!"
Um, people who love each other and view each day as a gift..?  People who look to celebrate the little moments in life...?
"...I barely have time to think of one anniversary a year..." 
Gee.  Your spouse must feel so fortunate and special!

#2 - "I mean, he's already facing a yearly reminder that he married an imbecile, does he really need one every month?"
You're just a Jack-Ass.

Moving on... 

#3 - "And what did I get? A big fat nothing. Not even a "Happy Anniversary."  "YOU HAVE A NORMAL HUSBAND." "I guarantee you a lot more people have it WAY worse than you."
Oh honey, I think there is a better than average chance that you are married to Anonymous Commenter #1.  If your spouse is a Normal Husband, I am glad that mine is abnormal.

It's obvious that Lauren's blog is just good, snarky fun.  It's also obvious that her husband has every bit as much snark as she does and they play off of each other and with each other.  Couples who can both dish it up AND take it are more likely to remain happily married.  These commenters may be anonymous, but I think we all got some great insights into the states of their marriages, didn't we?

What do you say?