Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blandy BiPolarinski's Decor Tips

One of the most talented and sweet bloggers around is Myra from the Casabella Project.  She recently got a sucky comment on  a post about some interesting thrift finds that she took home and spray painted white. 

The Hater Said: 
so, not to be a hater, but i am not too impressed. who needs another cool looking thing for the bookshelf. and im sure they look better in person, but these pictures make them kinda shiny and overly white. idk, if i bought and repurposed every odd thing i saw at goodwill i might think that this craft was interesting, but to me, it seems just a little to pointless to compliment

The Slammed Blogger Says:

My thoughts:  If you didn't want to be a hater, then why did you choose to keep criticizing and being mean?  You made it very obvious that you didn't care about being a hater or not.  Didn't your momma teach you that if you can't say something nice, then it's best to not say anything?  If you find my blog content uninteresting and pointless then you are more than welcome to go somewhere else.  For now your mean comment just gets to hang out at My Favorite Hate Mail where mean comments go to die. The end.

Viv Says:
I've learned amazing things and been completely inspired visiting the Casabella Project!  This commenter is a total nut job.  I wonder if she is off her meds this week.

"who needs another cool looking thing for the bookshelf" ...? 
Um... I do, thank you very much. 

"if i bought and repurposed every odd thing i saw at goodwill i might think that this craft was interesting" ...
This tells me that you have no imagination and probably have trouble seeing the potential in anything.  In other words? You're probably pretty boring and not very fun at parties.

"it seems just a little to pointless to compliment"
Um. Yeah.  It's much more productive to nit-pick and criticize.  This is the verbal equivalent of the whole "it takes 500 million facial muscles to frown but only 6 to smile...." (or something like that.)    Lame.

Mandi Says:
It could just be me but I have found that my FAVE decorations at my house were random crappiness that, you guessed it, got a coat of white paint.  If this commenter really seriously has an issue with this then she should run away from DIY blogland and NEVER come back.  Cause that is something that you are going to find on EVERYONES blog.  Maybe she should try cooking blogs, I hear they dont use spray paint over there...

And really, you are seriously going to start a comment out with "Not to be a hater"?  That is the lamest lame crap I have ever heard.  Its like saying "Not that your wife is ugly, but...she has the face of a gargoyle."  Or "Not that you son has bad manners, but....he just crapped on my shoe." 

What do you say?


rindercella @ neatheringourfest said...

I agree - Myra does beautiful work! If you don't have something nice to say then don't say anything at all! :)

PS: I love the little note here for when you leave a comment. I giggled when I read it... thinking "who would be dumb enough to post a mean comment here?" :) Have a great Thursday!

Crystal said...

I'm not a reader of Myra's blog, but after researching the post that got the ugly comment, I think I may have to start following!! Her project turned out beautifully!

Suesan said...

If Hater McHatepants wasn't "trying" to be mean, I'd hate to read a comment from her when she put some effort into it! Prefacing a mean statement with that little disclaimer doesn't excuse the snarkiness that follows. Some people really need to learn their manners. There was nothing so hateful about Myra's project to incite such a comment. McHatepants should stop reading craft blogs, because Mandi is right. Everyone has some type of project like this.

Lori E said...

That is like saying "I don't mean to be rude but why are you so fat?".
Damn straight you meant to be rude because that is rude.
I struggle to find the time to visit blogs and to leave comments. Why bother to leave one if you don't like the content unless it is a political blog where different opinions on the subject are part of the discussion.
I say the commenter gets 3 pinches.

Judy C said...

My problem is not with the fact that the hater doesn't like the project. It's that she would rather say something nasty than compliment. Since when is nasty more important than supportive. I've heard that it's better to be quiet and let others think you're stupid than to open your mouth and prove it. Hater's mouth is just hanging there open to the world.

clearness said...

It's blogs like this that give me inspiration to change what is old into something new and interesting. Thanks for your thrift store redo!

Jessie K said...

Wow, if you didn't like it, what was the point in commenting?? Seriously!! Anyway, I loved the project and thanks for another cool looking thing for my bookshelf!

Just this... Alice said...

I have followed the Casabella Project for a long time and have never seen anything that would warrent a comment like Hater gave. Not that she is a hater but that's what haters do, make those kind of comments throughout blogland because they don't have what it takes to have their own blog so they go around attacking others trying to make them as miserable as they are. Sans the misery loves company status they have.

Christina said...

Myra- keep doing your thing. You are AWESOME and this person is just mean.

This person I'm sure owns a plain couch and a tv because they have made it clear that they think accessories are dumb. Even more so they must love paying $400 per chair, because they think repurposing is dumb too!

My point: you won here.... because your house and projects are BEAUTIFUL and so are you!

Forget this meanie fafeanie!!

Jonathan said...
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Swensgirl said...

I just found your blog and Mandi's comment honestly just made me spit out my drink I was laughing so hard! LOVE IT!