Thursday, July 7, 2011

Reading Comprehension... thrown right down the stairs.

Rachael over at Lovely Crafty Home was probably ecstatic when her stair makeover was featured at Tatertots & Jello, and then Apartment Therapy picked it up from there...  She should have been super happy.  

But then she had the hard cold truth hit her.  There are stupid people out there who can only look at pik-tchers and dey kannot reed two good.  There is no other explanation for all the comments she got, stating how ugly her before picture was, and why she didn't make it prettier before taking the photo.

The Hater Said:
No offense, but this looks like cheap marbled linoleum on a basement stairwell. I can imagine it maybe looking okay somewhere else... but not really. Just cleaning up the stairwell would have been fine. It was gross before.

What Rachael Said:
Rachael here...the owner of the filthy stairs...that will teach me not to take a "keeping it real" before photo...
To answer some questions, the poly I used is floor grade so it would be the same as refinishing your hardwoods. It is also easy to patch up though, and I've read many other stories that it wears really well.
It's also a great temporary solution if you are saving up for hardwood it can go right on top.

What Rachael Wanted To Say:
You know that when you start a sentence with "no offense," you're probably about to offend someone, right? I'm so pleased you were able to detect the fact these are basement stairs, therefore we do, in fact, take slightly less care of this area than we do our upstairs. We definitely take all our guests on a tour of our unfinished basement, just to make sure they grasp the fact that this is not living space. I am, however, not impressed with your reading comprehension. Apparently you missed the part where I explained that it is not dirt on the stairs, but actually the floor grade paint showing wear all the way to the mdf. As in, I already tried cleaning them. 

Viv Says:
Seriously!  We all have done our fair share of "skimming" a post or an email, or just looked at the pictures.  If I plan on writing anything more detailed than "Hey! Great job!" you can bet that I read the article or post before doing so.   You know why?  Because I don't want to look like a jackass....  
(BTW - It looks great and is a fab solution, Rachael! Nice job.)   

Mandi Says:
I totally remember this being on AT and I thought it was AWESOME.  Plus obviously the commenter doesnt understand the impact of a reeeeeeeally bad before pic to a reeeeeeeeeally awesome after.  Idiot. 

What Do You Say?


Judy C said...

I am so with Viv. And having grown up with cheap linoleum I can say it doesn't look anything like it. However I must add, wonder if the hater had her coffee yet.

Rachael said...

Thanks for posting ladies!!

JULIE said...

Ugh, what a mean person! I think that they look amazing, and I have big plans for MY basement stairs!! I'm sorry they were so rude. Ignore the toxic people!!!!

JHill said...

Yay! Passive aggressive qualifiers!

"No offense, but..." I am totally about to offend you.

"I don't mean to be mean, but..." I am going to be mean anyway.

"Not to criticize, but..." I am making all sorts of judgments about you.

"I'm just sayin'." = Don't be mad at me for that awful thing I just said.

Rachael said...

You guys are hilarious! Thanks for the support!!

Good Time Charlie said...

I want the hater to post a picture of HER stairs! Let's level the playing field here shall we? I agree with opening statement of "No Offense" will absolutely be followed by something completely offensive (and hopefully fuel for my snickering about later with suffering husband). I LOVE a good insult, followed by an even better retort. This must be why I love this blog.

Lesley said...

Arrrggg! I get so irritated by these butts thinking that they can say anything they want as long as it's preempted with " No offense... "
These are generally the same people that tell you that you look fat and then say, " Just kidding. Can't you take a joke? "

That's all I'm bash. Promise.

Beyond the bashing, I think it's cute as heck! I had a wall I did this to once as a cheap solution after the previous owners had punched holes in it and followed it up with a terrible patch job. This method covered it all right up!
I think it looks fab, Rachael!

Cass said...

Just found this website and it is hilarious! What a jackass that hater girl, some people!

Free Pretty Things For You said...

Mandi you are SO Awesome!
I cant believe i didnt know about this blog!! I've been such a Lame-o!
But not any more!! :D

Big Hugs!

Jonathan said...
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Impulsive Addict said...

Why must people be so rude and hurtful? I just don't get it. STUPID RUDE ASS COMMENTORS.

Melissa I. said...

My only comment is the hater needs to STFU!

Portobello said...

Those stairs look awesome! So impresses by your DIY prowess. Apartment Therapy has some of the meanest commenters of any of the design websites hands down. My sister was telling me to send them some of my before and after photos of the apartment I live in, but I read enough of those AT comments to know that my ego couldn't take it. Plus I might accidentally say something awful back :)