Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The racist dumpling.

Emily from Decor Chick is one of our favorite bloggers.  She's always sharing some fantastic home decor or DIY tips with her readers.  In this post, she shared how happy and excited she was that her brother was getting married.  Her new sister-in-law, whom Emily adores, is Japanese.  Emily ended her post saying that she sees "a lot of homemade dumplings in my future. :)"

A comment from Anonymous:
dumplings? isn’t that kind of racist?

Decor Chick says:
Racist? Ummm, not so much. Doesn’t great chinese food come from the Chinese/China? And doesn’t great Italian food come from Italy, and so on and so on? She happens to make the most mouth-watering dumplings I’ve ever had. Don’t be jealous please.

Viv says:
I'm cracking up over this.  What a pot sticker stirrer this person is!  
I am half Italian, half Redneck.  I make an excellent lasagna and fab baby back ribs.  If someone mentioned they were looking forward to eating them, I would take it as a sign that they enjoyed my cooking, not that they thought I was some Guido (ette?) who somehow meandered through Texas.    

Mandi says:
When I saw Em's post I was totally JEALOUS.  Obviously Anonymous is too.  Comments like this that are soooo lame make me want to lash out violently. 

Oh my gosh, I just got the best idea!  When my Bro-in-law gets married I am SO going to say to the girl, "I see a lot of Burangos in your future."

For those of you jumping to conclusions about what a Burango is, let me clear it up.  Its a burrito at our resturant. 

Get your minds out of the gutter.

What do you say?


clearness said...

Some people will turn anything into a controversy.

Now I want some of those dumplings!

Gloria Fox @ Potentially Beautiful said...

Good Lord...somebody's always gotta play the race card.

My family is very mixed and we love the diversity it has brought to our table!

Dharma said...

what a ding-dong dumb as a dumpling thing to say....geez

Judy C said...

I guess anon doesn't know the story. Or she isn't very aware. It's like saying I live in the South and therefore I make biscuits. Of course I do. I'm sure sis-in-law is happy to have something to contribute to the family.

Jennifer said...

When someone makes a comment as anonymous that just means they are wimpy :) If you have something to say, then say it! Love Emily's reply :)

Decorchick! said...

Dumplings anyone? :)

Good Time Charlie said...

Someone needs to learn to mind their P's and C's. (politcal correctness). I love this blog because it reminds me the world is full of people who love nothing more than to correct and point out to the rest of us what we are doing/saying/writing incorrectly.

Lynn said...

Correct, Jennifer. Anonymous = wimpy.

Rachel said...

Well, now I'm craving dumplings! (Is that racist?)

MiMi said...

Just ONE more reason I think this whole freakin' country is SO over stimulated with the "racist" thing.
We are SUCH P*SSIES these days! Come on.
One of these days Target will have to change it's name because it eludes to GUNS.

The Scrappy Housewife said...

OK, let me be devil's advocate for just a sec. I can see where someone *might* find it offensive out of context. HOWEVER, I can't stand people who jump to conclusions without knowing the facts and the background. Educate yourselves, people! The rest of us don't have time to educate you on every little nuance of our lives.

Jaycee Grey said...

The fact that Anon made the jump from dumplings to Japanese is the quasi-almost-kinda-sorta racist thought. Not the original post. Doh.

Brian + Cheryl B. said...

Hi :-)
My blogging friend Nan from 'Mom's The Word' sent me a link to your blog. She knew I would enjoy knowing that other people get these type of comments left too.

About this particular one - last weekend one of our sons married a girl who is 1/4 Mexican. 'Mexican food' has never been one of my fav's, so he did not grow up eating much of it. There has been much joking going on in both our and her families, about changing his eating styles. ALL of it done good natured, tongue in cheek, ribbing style.

To take it a step further - back in June, they (my son and his then fiance) were riding with us to visit our out of state kids. We were traveling LATE in the evening and came upon some road construction, which had huge lights set up so the workers could work through the night. There were also a couple of police cars sitting there. Our guess was that people hadn't been honoring the speeds in such zones. Any-ways, we got really close to the lights and I said, "Kayla, did you bring your green card with you?" chuckle chuckle, knowing full well she'd been born and raised in the US, as had her daddy. SHE was the first one to burst out laughing, then bent forward and pulled her pillow over the top of her, telling Brent to lay across it and look like he was sleeping. ;-p!!!

"Racism" can and does go any and all directions. At it's core - racism is an attitude / out look. Period.

On the other hand, seeing one another's differences and laughing over them, is just enjoying life together.

Leslie Lim said...

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