Friday, August 26, 2011

Today's special! Mean comments and tampons!

Heather is a college student and has a fun little personal blog called The World Is Your Oyster.  A while back, she wrote a post about a funny incident at a local store.  She needed a few, um, personal items including {tampons... shhh}. She wrote this post, appropriately titled Awkward about the experience.  She tried to make it clear that it was not her first time buying tampons, and that normally it's not a big deal, but this time  she had to select the right feminine hygiene product in the middle of 6 guys that live in the same building that she does.  She just thought it was funny, how uncomfortable a box of feminine hygiene products can make college-aged boys.

You know what?  Even with a funny, tongue in cheek post, there are still jerkwads out there.

The Jerkwad said:
"Educated decision in the tampon aisle eh? have you never bought them
for yourself before? you've been living away from home for three years
at BYU and you still have to think about this decision? Hhhonestly,
your life could be a lot simpler. Let me offer a humble suggestion to
your predicament.


P.S. You're welcome"

Heather said:
My sister's reply was my favorite. She said:
"Dear Anonymous,

Don't worry, I'm sure they have Midol in the Creamery as well. You seem to have lost yours, since you've been PMSing all over the internet."

Viv says:
Seriously?  Who leaves a cruddy comment on a funny story?  I love the sister's reply about "PMSing all over the internet." Hilarious.  The link for Depends kind of throws me though.  Are they saying Heather is being a cry-baby...?  That she should use Depends instead of tampons...?  What?  Perhaps the Jerkwad is a guy an needs to brush up on his knowledge of a woman's anatomy...?  At any rate, totally sounds like a person with chronic, raging PMS to me..

Mandi says:
LOL! Now THIS is a funny post. I dont get the depends link either...maybe thats the only way this lady can control her PMSing?  And poor cute Heather, I dare say that most guys in college especially when there are 6 together can be unbelievibly immature, it would be awkward for anyone!!  Hee hee hee, I am still laughing about this!   I am so glad that Jerky McJerkface left a jerky jerk comment so that we could read Heather's hilarious tale.

Ps I just used the word jerk 4 times in one sentence! Yay Me!!

What do you say?


Judy C said...

You have got to be kidding. Any girl or guy would have a problem if others of the opposite sex watched as she picked out personal products, not just tampons. And it is sort of funny when you think about it. But then there always seems to be a jerk around. And he always rears up to show his a.......

Rachel said...

As a BYU grad, I can totally sympathize with awkward shopping at the creamery--I think every time I ever went there, there were hoards of freshman guys who I guess had nothing better to do than lurk at the creamery. If I remember right, I left a few times without purchasing my feminine items (translation: Depends) because there were far too many guys from my ward hanging around. I feel your pain, girl.

Chris said...

On this one you should have added ALL the replies to the post. They were all great and spot on. LOL

Kimbo West @ a girl and a glue gun said...

um...i still don't like buying anything down that aisle. i've even made my husband do it.

The Scrappy Housewife said...

I think "PMSing all over the internet" is going to come out of my mouth at some point soon. Love it!

Ame said...

I can't tell if this is a guy or girl.. Is anyone comfortable buying tampons, jock itch cream, laxatives, or anyting of that nature? Nevermind around people you see all the time! It was suppose to be funny! And it was.. People need to pick on others to feel better... But we all need uncomfortable things to get through life... Karma will come in the form of an embarrassing trip to the local pharmacy someday... :)

Julie said...

I knew as soon as I started reading the MFHM post that going over to Heathers blog would make me LMAO.... I was totally right. Loved the Awkward post! It rocked my socks off! Jerkwad must A be a man and B have male PMS... LOVED every minute I spent reading and replying to this. <3 Julie

armchairknits said...

The PMSing all over the Internet is hilarious. I am wondering if the commentator was a male. Just because of the level of ignorance in the post. Choosing a feminine product of any type is agonizing. I mean it is going to the most sacred of all places. LOL. I remember my hubby, very cutely, told me one time that he could never figure out why women bought a whole of box of tampons at once. He literally thought a woman would put in a tampon at the start of period and then take that same tampon out when her period was done. Then he got married and realized. It just made me laugh so hard. So, yeah, guys are pretty much clueless.

Carla said...

I can relate to the akward moment. I love the pmsing and all the other comments. Wish I had thought of that line.
Just found this blog. Oh my. Make me laugh. It takes all kinds to make the world go round.