Friday, February 10, 2012

Peace Out Dudes

Hello Hate Mailers!  Mandilicious here.  Gosh it's been a while since we posted!  Did you miss us?!?
I just wanted to write a quick little post and let my friends (all of you!!) know that I have decided to step away from Hate Mail.  The freakishly cool Viv will still be here taking care of everything (like she normally does) with her quick wit, amazing titles, and hilarious comparisons.  So don’t you worry your pretty little noses about that! 

Hate Mail was started one afternoon after one of my fave bloggers announced on Twitter that she was going to quit because the haters were out in full force.  It made me MAD.  Why in the world was it ok for people to openly bash her ideas, choices and family?!   So Hate Mail was born.  I could not have found a better partner to team up with to write it.  Viv is one of the most fun, amazing and TALENTED women I have ever had the chance to meet.
And I want to thank you guys for supporting us.

So I bet you are wondering why,  right?  I mean lets face it, it's not like this is a daily post kind of blog….or monthly post for that matter… 
Honestly I am just not up for it anymore.  I have learned a lot the last few months and it made me realize that people really read what I write.  (I know it's lame that I am JUST coming to this conclusion).  You might remember this post about a comment that someone left on Vintage Revivals.  A few months after the post went live I got an email from the girl who had left it.  She explained that she had seen the post over here and that she had been having an awful day and was sorry.  I cringe to think of the mean things that I wrote (and meaner things that Viv edited out)  you see, cause I too was having a really hard time with someone and I projected my anger onto this anonymous girl.

So.  The moral of the story I have learned from one of my favorite people in the world is that You will never regret behaving appropriately.  That has been the mantra that I have had to take time and time again as my blog has experienced huge growing pains.  When in all reality it would have been so much easier and fun to lash out at people that are jerks. 

Hate Mail is a fun, positive place to come and defend your fellow bloggers and I hope that you will continue to do that!  Building a community of support is SO important and I love you all for being in mine!  Thanks again!

Love your guts,

Hi all! Viv here.  I am going to miss Mandi's contributions.  Her quick wit and playful nature have helped to make this site a fun place to be and working with her has been a blast.  (Should I tell you that in my imagination we are wearing capes and are karate-chopping mean comments when we write this stuff...? No?  Oops.)  I love her colorful phrasing (and her colorful, brilliant design projects!) and wish she would hang around a bit more.   She cracks me up and inspires me to try to think outside the box creatively. I am in awe of her talent and creative vision.
I guess I will just have to make more frequent trips over to visit her at Vintage Revivals.

My Favorite Hate Mail will go on, pretty much as it has been.  This is still a safe, positive place to make light of mean comments and to get support from your fellow bloggers.  

I continue to believe that if there is something stinky in a room it is better to air out the place than to close the door on the smell.  (And that's what mean comments are... a stinky room.) Hope to see you all back here real soon!
Love, Viv

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LP aka A Crafty Southern Chick said...

Oh no! I just discovered y'alls corner yesterday via Lesley at Fabulously Flawed. Sorry to see Mandi leave! But since I have discovered that you both have fab blogs outside of Hate Mail, I will be following there, too! Thanks for giving everyone a place to vent. Keep it up!