Monday, February 13, 2012

Everyone should be a Whiner. Oops. I mean Winner.

Someone sent our friend Lesley at Fabulously Flawed a lame email.  And by lame, we mean completely clueless, off in their own Narcissistic La-La World of Entitlement kind of lame.

In her own words, here's What Lesley Says:
My name is Lesley and I host a very small linky party every Thursday called Super Sweet Thursday Par-tay. By small I mean teeny compared to some of the linky parties out there that receive hundreds of entries.  I get a maximum of 40ish link ups every week. 

The reason that I mention this is to express that I certainly do not think I am a big deal. I also know very well that if anyone links up their project to this party, and if I happen to choose to feature said project, there are only a couple of dozen people who would even notice.

Which brings me to my email. Notice the subject line. Lovely.  This blogger, who did not send the email anonymously, goes on to tell me that she is upset with me for not choosing her to win a prize on my blog. The prize being a feature ( I assume ).

Lesley didn't respond to this wacky email... but here's what she Wanted To Say:
Hello darling!
I am so thrilled that you chose to take time away from your day, and also take time away from your meds, to write such a sincere and uplifting email.
It was such a pleasure to read! Or was it? Who can tell what I mean? I do exude timeless sarcasm, after all.

I could sit here and wonder what prize you are referring to. I could pace the room fretting over what mind bogglingly amazing craft it was that you submitted that I overlooked. 

But, I won't. I think you're freaking out enough for both of us.

I will say though, for future reference, that a linky party is not a contest. It awards no prizes. You cannot win a linky party.

There are no entries, or enteries, as you call them. It is just a place where like minded people can share projects that they have worked on be them crafts, recipes or anything else.   In submitting such a link, you may catch the host's eye and have your project featured. Or, you may not.

What to the ever! It's all in fun and no one seems to take it very seriously.   Please chill out.

Signed, The Nicest Person Ever

What Viv Says:
Oh my!  I have never received a prize for entering a linky party either!  This is madness! Madness, I tell you!    

If she has "entered" Lesley's linky party "again and again" why hasn't she picked up on how this all works?  Lesley, tell me... do her projects tend to use an inordinate amount of glue?  As perhaps she has been sniffing it.

This sounds like the type of person who thinks that there shouldn't ever be winners or losers... no one should ever have their feelings hurt, so everyone should get a trophy. Congratulations!  You all get an Honorable Mediocrity Mention!

Lame.  (I will say that I totally agree with our Over-Entitled Email-er in that yes, Lesley does have "wit and timeless sarcasm" ...part of why I double puffy heart love her.)

What Do You Say?


Terry said...

Yeah, I double puffy heart love her too!! (adorable descriptor I just 'borrowed' from you there, lol)

Jennifer Curtis said...

That comment just sounds like a spam comment. I've gotten comments like that before, "love your blog, but...." hopefully it is just a troll or spam and not an actually follower who is crazy enough to do that

LP aka A Crafty Southern Chick said...

I think maybe the displeased lady is a few fries short of a Happy Meal. I <3 Lesley!!!

Mynnette said...

WOW. Okay, that's a bit off the deep end...and even if there IS a prize, maybe it's OK that you don't win? I've entered so many card challenges and not won...and I'm OK. I don't freak out! I KNOW there are people who are better than me at what I choose to do--and guess what? It's OK. Let's all take a deep breath and say it together, "It's OK. We're OK. Not winning is OK." Ok, better?! So, yeah. Let's just learn from each other and get over ourselves now! ;) And thanks for the tip about the link party! I may have to join in every once in awhile! Happy blogging, peeps!

Jaime Lyn at Crafty Scrappy Happy said...

I love this blog. Sometimes I just need to remember that it isn't just my blog that gets crazy comments. Thank you guys for helping make light of something that can seem really hurtful and confusing at the time! PS this e-mail is just crazy and I don't even know what I would think if I got one like this......

Meredith said...

I'm sorry--haters suck. BUT, at least you got a cute post out of it that made me LOL? :) Way to turn it around!