Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A clear case of NON-marriage material...

OK, football season is over, but I had to share the REEEEE-dick-ulous comment that the lovely Kate from Kate Elizabeth Conner received for a silly post where she ranked NFL Quarterbacks based on marital qualifications and eligibility.  

The lovely Kate and her #1 pick.

It was just for fun.  
It was tongue in cheek.  
It was in jest.
It was discovered by a complete Jack-hole.

The Jack-hole says: 
Yeah, Minneapolis sucks! (Looks around, see's there aren't too many snobby b****** like the author of this article, considers self fortunate to live in the area.)  Holy s***, this dumb broad thinks Matt Hasselbeck is hot. Like, 5 out of 5 hot. He gets the same marry-able score (32.5) as Josh Freeman and…wait for it…CAM F****** NEWTON.  She also finds REX GROSSMAN more marryable than Tom Brady.  Dumb b****** like this are why you make 75 cents on the dollar, women of America. This s*** right here.  Oh wait, she’s an evangelical Christian. Color me surprised.

Kate's husband is a youth pastor, so she couldn't leave the comment up on her blog.  (She added the asterisks for the ridiculously bad language for our benefit.)  However, here is what she wanted to say.

Our slammed blogger says:
FIRST of all.  I don't see how my not preferring to live in Minneapolis over San Diego (real mystery of life right there) makes me a snobby b****.  Secondly, NOWHERE in my entire post (on my entire blog for that matter) did I call anyone as disrespectful of a name as you just called me - so yeah, I'm the one with the personality flaw.  And yes; Matt Hasslebeck is hot, I have nothing against Josh Freeman, Cam Newton has a smile that goes on for miles, and Tom Brady cheated on his wife and had an illegitimate child.  How stupid of me not to want that quality in a life partner.  It's no wonder I make 75 cents on the dollar.  OH WAIT!  I stay at home learning braille and caring for my blind child and volunteering to work with at-risk teenagers in our area.  What a snob I am.  And finally, it is ignorant, small-minded, prejudicial, and so ugly of you to imply that I am a snob, b****, or a dumb broad because I am a Christian.  As far as I can tell it makes me kinder than you.

Viv says:
Un-B-leeeeeve-able!  I almost have no words for this idiot.  (Almost.)   
Jack-hole must not be a Real Man.  Real men do not provide serious input on what is clearly a post written just for fun.  Real men do not weigh on whether or not other men have desirable attributes as husbands.  Real men don't slam someone's faith and belittle them.  But mostly?  Real men do not refer to women as dumb broads or dumb Be-yotches. 

Jack-hole?  My mental picture of you includes an over-sized team jersey (worn almost to your knees) which hides the skinny jeans you've got belted below your butt.  (Hopefully it hides the stupid tattoo you got at Coachella as well.)  You are holding a can of Coors Light, giving your buddies knuckle bumps or high-fives, you have stains from Buffalo Wings and pizza under your fingernails and you almost certainly have on a ball cap worn backwards.  

I am fairly certain you have no need for this book:

Enjoy your life as a mediocre stereotype.  
You wear it well.  Asshat.

What do you say?


Lynn said...

LOVE THIS! Way to go, Ladies!

Anonymous said...

I am dying, DYING, at Viv's response. Maybe we should all chip in to send Jack-Hole a copy of this book, along with a note that says 'too bad you won't be needing this. Thought we'd rub it in a bit.'

Kate, we've got your back!

Thrifty Crafty Girl said...

I say he sounds single. And forever alone.

nelda said...

So bad, it's not worthy of a comment. Some people just like to spar.

Pam@OurAdventuresInHomeImprovement said...

I love the responses! It's shocking that someone would write such hateful things to her.

I thought her original post was very funny and creative.


Chris said...

Hi Vivienne, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

Tariq Honey said...
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