Thursday, May 10, 2012

Speedos: All kinds of wrong. (And not just in America.)

Shawn over at Seriously Shawn has quite the sense of humor.  She is a practical joker and seems to be a magnet for funny/slightly uncomfortable situations.  She also seems to have drawn the ire of someone who prefers Speedos to regular swim trunks....
She helps to host Talk To Us Tuesday, a linky party for funny or random stories.

Seriously Shawn
In this post where she describes a practical joke involving her husband and a Speedo that was too small she got this comment:

credit: Seriously Shawn
Mean Comment:
More evidence why Americans are viewed by the rest of the world as being ignorant and stupid.

What Shawn Says:
Ignorant and stupid you say! Let me ask you, do you mean Americans as a whole or just little ol' me, the author of this post? Your choice of words are a little harsh don't you think? 
I would love to thank you personally for your less than kind words but it seems that you like to hide behind the screen of anonymity. You also have no email linked to your profile, I'm thinking it's because you like to stir the pot but aren't man enough to handle what comes your way in return. As a result you have left me no choice but to reply here, oh and next Tuesday on the front page of my blog because this is a perfect TTUT post!  
If you wanted to play nice I would simply say I'm sorry I offended you but it seems that you don't want to do that. So I'll leave it at this, you my dear, have no sense of humor! Maybe it's because you have the personality of a dry piece of toast or that you lack the ability to fill out your own beloved Speedo, making this no laughing matter in your eyes, either way I really don't care.  Clearly, or maybe not so clearly for some, this was meant as a joke. My advice to you is to lighten up or buy your next Speedo in the next size up!

Viv Says:
See, now I just thought a Speedo was a poor fashion choice.  I had no idea that swim suit preferences were evidence that could further the condemnation of America.   
When American men try to compensate for a substandard wee-wee they usually do it in some symbolic way, like buying a flashy car... Perhaps Shawn's commenter is more of a literal guy, and believes you should put on a tight pair of swim bottoms to try to make the object in question appear larger. Or, perhaps his Speedo is too tight and it has cut off the blood flow to his brain...

What do you say?  


Shawn said...

Again I find myself looking at that picture and laughing, that's just plain funny!

Some people are wound way too tight and need to sit back, see a man in an ill fitting, seemingly uncomfortable, sausage hugging Speedo and laugh. Life is too short for anything less.

~Hurricane B~ said...

Being an American living overseas for the past four years and another year( or more who knows) left I can tell you this: EUROPEANS LOVE THEIR SPEEDOS. It does not matter what they look like, how hairy they are. Does not matter how active they plan to be with swimming, diving or even water park. They wear them. Certain countries actually have some nudity too. Like in Netherlands I go to a waterpark and went to get a hot tub and a couple gals were topless. After four years I am much more comfortable with nudity and that it is normal. BUT I can not get over speedos. Must be my ignorant and stupid American ways( eye roll) but I just do not want to see hair sticking out every where or a belly hanging over the flap of one. Or Mr. Little Big guy all squished!! i revert my eyes to the chest area and above when talking to guys wearing them.

This guy commenting is or should say seems like a bag of douches!!

You do find that some younger generation Europeans prefer board shorts and some places refuse to allow them in their pool or water park. To each their own.

That all being said, it was clearly a joke, the guy was being mean and even if you are a hot, ripped swimmer...I will look at the bikini speedos and just want to laugh..maybe after I drool over your ripped abs but I will want to laugh none the less.

Myya said...

I love Shawn's initial response! People are so rediculous sometimes. I hate the anonymous commenters, you got something you want to say then own up to it!!! Better yet click on by if you aren't really digging what you are reading. Geesh!

Jen said...

Loved Hurricane B's comments and totally agree with her last sentence :)

Vanessa said...

Wow, I'm still laughing at the picture. Thanks for the laugh dear. To the coward who left such a rude comment, don't know why you thought it was okay to be mean and hateful. Lighten up.


Tami Von Zalez said...

Great picture! Must say it has caused quite a "stir" in my circles. Was re-posted on CafeMom (with credit, of course).
I just discovered you on Olive Out's blog.
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