Thursday, May 5, 2011

Male cheerleaders shouldn't be so sensitive. (People will make fun of 'em...)

My brother-in-law (whom I love dearly) is just out of his element when he leaves wacky comments on my blog... 
****originally published on The V Spot January 27, 2009****

Criticism is part of life. I expect it. I yap about whatever I want to on this blog and I figure most people
don't read it;
could care less; or,
agree with me.

Sometimes it is the person doing the criticizing that is a surprise.... I am being criticized by my (big, strapping, weightlifting) brother-in-law because I said in a post that the movie Bring It On has no plot.
I will respond to what I sincerely hope are his tongue in cheek comments. (I thought about putting his comments in pink, but that's just uncalled for. Italics will work just fine.)

As the former captain of a male Yell Leading squad ('88 CVHS), and who at one point in his own life could indeed do round-off's, cartwheels and splits (from my own Karate days no less)...

You do know this is a public site, right? Other people will find out about this past of yours...

I am stunned you say there is no plot to Bring It On. "Blasphemy" I yell in my gold and black megaphone!

OK, maybe I was a bit harsh when I said there was NO plot. I'll rephrase. There IS a plot. It's just that it is so tired, transparent and formulaic that it is easy label it as having no plot.
I stand corrected.

I'll have you know there are 4 movies in the franchise, with a 5th (Bring It On: Fight to the Finish) slated for a 2009 release!!

McDonald's is a franchise too. Just because there are a lot of them around doesn't make them innovative, exciting, thought-provoking or necessary. (And the fact that you are so generous with the use of exclamation points when it comes to writing about the 5th one... well, it has me a bit worried about you.)

The stories are chock full of high stakes drama fueled by teen angst as generally the under dogs have to overcome insurmountable odds to prove they are the best cheer team.

Remove the cheerleader aspect and you've just described the plot of every Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon ever made.

It's the tale of the unsung hero's...the cheerleaders and yell leaders of our communities. We never get credit.

Does the tale belong to the unsung heroes, or is it about them? Decide, adjust your punctuation accordingly, then get back to me. (Say hi to my sis and give her a big hug!)

Mandi Says:


Oh my gosh.  I wish I could tell you my husbands deepest darkest secret right now.  But I cant.  I think that everyone has an opinion and whether we agree with it or not its valid.  Viv hated the movie.  Her bro-in-law obviously loved it. 

Personally I liked it but it DID rub in my face how uncoordinated I am and how when I yell it comes out all Banshee and crap. (just ask the girls in my bunco group)

ps. I am LOLing that he called cheer and yell leaders unsung heros of the community. Riiiiight.

What do you say?

PLEASE SEND US OVER SOME HATE MAIL! Or else will be forced to post stupid youtube videos of cats eating peanut butter like the ones you see on icarly!


MiMi said...

I love this one.

clearness said...

I'm just confused at how a cheerleader is a hero? Are they saving lives by cheering for the the defense to go get the offense of the opposing team?

Cindy B said...

Love it!! Her brother-in-law sounds awesome! said...

Hey, lets not forget the "Rah-Rah's" (as me and my high school friends called them) kept us out of at least a few soul killing, boring, classes once in awhile for pep rallys! I guess you could call that heroic huh??? lol!

Anonymous said...

Sir, not only are you a gentleman and scholar with excellent taste in movies, you are absolutely right. When I read your statement about unsung heroes, I quickly thought back to the 1000 plus sporting events, that I have attended, and came up with a list. A list of heroing acts that I have witnessed male cheerleaders perform.
1. No one uses two roles of athletic tape on their wrists like a male cheerleader.
2. No one can pull off having larger than normal biceps and extremely thin legs like a male cheerleader.
3. When sitting in expensive seats, near the goalline, no one blocks my view of an extremely close play like you.
4. No man wears a tight cheerleader shirt with baggy pants like you sir.
5. No one shows school spirit at the wrong time of the game like a male cheerleader.
6. No runs with a flag like you my friend.
7. No ONE, and I mean NO ONE, hits the side of a megaphone like the unsung hero that we know as the male cheerleader.
Jonathan S.
Southern Gentleman of Leisure and Bon Vivant

Sarah @ The Ugly Duckling House said...

Ah yes, I distinctly remember the way we used to ignore our high school cheerleaders - jocks, too. It's like the group of them just disappeared into the background while the brains and Goths hogged all of the spotlight. What a pity that we picked on those "unsung heroes" relentlessly. To think, they could have been prom queens and kings if we'd just shown them more appreciation.

Oh, wait.

JHill said...

Holy cats, Jonathon, your name link thingie is bogus, but you, sir, are funny!

Amy @ Increasingly Domestic said...

Bah ha ha!!!!
I am an ex-gymnast and as such know a TON of cheerleaders, both male and female. This is hilarious!

@Johnathan: I totally want to chest bump you for that hilarious comment;)

MamaMimi said...

Okay CRACKING UP at this hilarity!!!! I was a cheerleader in high school when this movie came out so I think it goes without saying that I watched it and loved it. But of COURSE it is cheesy, shallow, and completely predictable!!!! {Just how I like 'em FYI!} But call cheerleaders community heroes blows my mind...LOL!!!!!! Sounds like that man has a little kookiness going on in his life, but I bet he's a pleasure to be around...always makes you laugh?!? Just a!!!! Thanks for the giggles!

Brittany said...

Oh my gosh please tell me that this is just a toungue in cheek joke!

Anonymous said...

I want to thank you fine ladies for the fine comments. I don't know why my name link is broken but this is the first time I have ever commented.
I tried to walk away and did a couple of times but I just couldn't pass up the chance to honor the TRUE heroes of the world: Male Cheerleaders. Maybe we should have sent you and your fellow male cheerleaders to Pakistan, to take out Osama Bin Laden, instead of the Navy Seals. Sir, I want to SALUTE you and your fellow compatriots. I hope and pray that you never forget to yell defense at the tv timeout when I, and the other fans, are in the restroom or beer line. I do want you to know that when I make back to my seat that I well raise my beer and salute you sir for all of your heroic deeds.
God Bless you sir
Southern Gentleman of Leisure and Bon Vivant

Anonymous said...

I feel the need to make a revelation about myself,I'm a former male cheerleader. Just kidding rather I am a former wordsmith/sports reporter who had to take daily abuse from the brain dead masses that read the paper I worked for. So when I came upon this site yesterday I must admit that I got tingley all over because I now have the opportunity to exact some revenge on the unintelligent, toothless, narcissistic, inbred, meth mouthed, ANONYMOUS, loser critics who would call and leave me critical messages about my fine intelligent writing. So I knew from the moment I set my eyes upon this site that I now had a place to get back at the brilliant critics that insist on sharing there brilliant insites with us.

Paige said...

oh dear god i fucking love this blog! how am i just finding you now?!?!

The Old Block House said...

THIS is hilarious!!

April said...

I wish I had saved an email I got after doing a blog swap! It was hilarious! I posted that I made a wedding dress for my nanny (that means God mother around here) and I got an email from a lady asking me how I could have a nanny and be a SAHM, what did my husband do, weren't we swimming in debt, doesn't my mil hate me for being so lazy... I admit I sent her a somewhat rude reply, the she replied, then wishing to ignore the situation, I apologized for my rude response. Then she emailed me back and told me that it was no big deal, it was just that her hubby was a retired SWAT team member and she was a former marine and they had a tendency to look for threats that needed to be eliminated...uhm, okay, a SAHM with a nanny (that I didn't even have) is a threat that needs to be eliminated....cah-razy!

Noni said...

If this guy meant his comments to be funny and sarcastic, he was dead on and I was laughing. Now, if his comments are not meant to be funny and sarcastic, well, then...someone needs to seek some CHEERTHERAPY as soon as humanly possible.

Kim said...

Ok Ladies....I have stayed up way to late catching up on all these freakin awesome posts. I almost want some hate mail just so I can send it to you and we can bash a big meanie together!

This blog was SUCH a fun idea- Love it to pieces