Monday, May 2, 2011

Why You Should Care About What Your Kids Wear.

Miss Michelle@ A Little Tipsy got this awesome comment on this post: What Should My Son Wear?
This is the most moronic thing I've ever seen. No, really: ever. What kind of a self-absorbed fool puts that much time into what their son is going to wear for a photo? I am pretty sure that the part that's supposed to matter in any photo is your child--his face, his size, his personality.
Your priorities are whacked, and you're an egocentric freak. Get over yourself.
The Slammed Blogger Says:
How sad that this is the most moronic thing you have EVER seen.
Your life must be pretty dull. I have seen countless more moronic things, like how about the lady who called the cops because someone stole her weed.
What mom doesn't put time in to what her kid will wear in a photo shoot? Sad. They are the ones scarred for life because the yearbook comes out and there they are permanently documented in the hands of 500 kids with a bad case of bedhead.
Of course I am going to let his face and personality shine. Actually, I was planning on cutting off his head in all the shots and just focusing on the incredible outfit. Please. Of course my child is most important. He is so cute that he looks adorable in anything I put him in which makes it so hard to choose.
I understand if you think I am egocentric. I am pretty self-absorbed, I do write a blog about myself. Though I do not set up a "special" account to cut others down. I hope you get what you need out of it. I know it gave me a big smile and chuckle. You win for the most moronic comment, no really, EVER.

Mandi Says:
I ditto everything Michelle says. If you don’t care what your kid wears your family picture will end up like mine: (click to enlarge)
Yes, that really is our family Christmas picture.  I am the one with the mullet holding the baby with a unibrow.

Viv Says:
Dang it, Mandi!  You gave me the hurty-kind of hiccups that you can get from laughing really hard!

(I bet last Friday, Ms. Anonymous was pulling her hair out due to all of the Self Absorbed Egocentric Freaks who were so interested in what Kate Middleton was wearing!)  
The vibe that her hateful, venomous comment gives me is that she is the type of person who sucks the air (and the fun) out of any room she's in.  She is the Sucker of Fun.  The Enemy of Style.  In the great fashion delicatessen, she is an egg-salad sandwich on white.  She is tight lipped, thin skinned, and has a perennial pebble in her shoe.  And she wants to share her gloom.

Michelle summed it all up pretty well, but I would ask this question: what kind of self-absorbed fool DOESN'T pay attention to how their kids look?   There have been times when my kids didn't look clean, put together and well kept, (shocking, right?!) and I am fairly certain it was a bad reflection ON ME.

So which is it?    Is Michelle self-absorbed because she cared about how her little guy looked in what were probably his very first school photos?  Was I self-absorbed because I didn't scrutinize my kids enough before they walked out the door?  OR... is Ms. Anonymous self-absorbed because she hasn't figured out she needs to get over herself
(I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it's that last one...)

What Do You Say?


Judy C said...

It's my considered opinion that the nasty writer should quit reading blogs.

Carolyn@SweetChaos said...

You know what they say... misery loves company! This is a sensitive situation as your dear commenter must have been immortalized in a picture as a style victim. Whether it was a really bad perm or horribly misguided outfit, she has probably spent her life trying to pretend that it didn't bother her. Now she is on a one-woman mission to ensure that others have their photos taken in an equally unflattering way. We need to assure her that we have all been there, and we're merely trying to save our children from the same discomfort. Kudos to Michelle for being a caring enough mother to planning her son's outfit ahead of time. Sadly, I am the mom who is rummaging through the laundry trying to find a photo-worthy outfit at the last second :) I sure hope my sons don't grow up to leave nasty comments as a result of it.

The Answer Is Chocolate said...

Honestly! How much do you want to bet that this person with too much time on their hands would be the first to scream "how could you put your kid in a picture wearing that on someone else's blog?

JHill said...

Ok, because of my own personal demons, the first thing about that comment that torqued me off was the ridiculously bad grammar and punctuation. Then the outright meanness dawned on me.

What a wank.

PS Mandi, that photo is beyond awesome.

Heather said...

I must be egocentric as well, because I made my boys matching shorts for the photos we just had. They even wore matching shirts and shoes. I'm an awful mother, but I'm sure I'll get over it. ;-)

I wonder if Ms. Anon has children? Because most parents (moms) I know do care about what their kids wear in photos.

Suesan said...

I have to admit to being one of those moms that doesn't buy the school pictures or do big family portraits. That said, I still care that they look presentable in their photos, even if I'm doing the last minute scramble to find something.
There is no excuse to be so hateful and mean. The Golden Rule is just as important on the internet.
Sheesh! said...

She is the one who is featured in those "What Not to Wear" with the black bar across her face photo's you see in the mags, you read while waiting in your doctors office!

MiMi said...

I can't focus. Looking at Mandi's picture has distracted me. LOL

Screaming Sardine said...

Wow, what a spiteful, lonely woman to think caring about what your child wears in a photo is ego centric.

Anyhoo, I can't stop laughing at Mandi's picture. It's my new screensaver now. LOL!

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Lyssa said...

haa ha wow what a big fat HATER. I think she peed in her own cherrios that morning. She needs to get over her grouch behavior. Of course you want your little ones to look their best for pictures!! That's what being a parent is all about!

@Mandi, I LOVE that you did that for christmas pictures. haa ha I love the uni's.

Patricia Hurlburt said...

First I have say I LMAO at Mandi's photo! HA HA HA Second, the commentor should take time out of bashing people online and put a clean shirt on her kid!

Just this... Alice said...

So much in my life could have made me a miserable, mean minded,mouth spewing, world hating, vindictive woman. I chose a better life and have been rewarded with a gift of understanding along the way. I have wonderful children. I wasn't given beautiful hands but I was given hands to make beautiful things with. I am thankful for what I do have and I am praying for Ms. Anon. I feel sorry for her, that perhaps her choices in life have left her wanting for more, and when she sees the caring of a mother for her child with love, is lost and uncomfortable to the point of making a nasty comment. There is a choice we all make and it is either right or wrong. I pray I always make the right one. Ms. Anon. I'm sorry to say you made the wrong one under the circumstances. Thanks for this site as it shows us how not to comment on a blog.

Allison said...

Ms. Anon would hate me too!! I was concerned with what my son would wear for his pics too, I kinda thought all parents were that way for school photos and such. Oh and I always clean my kids faces before we leave the house too, so I guess I'm self absorbed as well!!
Oh and Mandi, I LOVE your family photo!!! That was great!!

clearness said...

This is funny. And I agree that people should take a few minutes to make sure the child looks good before a school photo.

Good Time Charlie said...

Mandi, I am with Vivienne. That was the best family picture I have ever seen and I want to copy it and sent it to everyone I know so they can laugh too. My favorite is the guy sticking his gut way out by the garbage can. I am so inspired to have a similar picture. This is the best!!! As for miss snippy. Sheesh, some people do have the most boring lives. Maybe she ought to step outside her door sometime. I have seen more moronic things happen just in the drop off line at school!

Michelle said...

Too bad I am so slow at seeing this. One of those 1000+ reader weeks. I was concentrated on another of Mandi's posts. ;) Your picture is WT (aka whisky tango in my fam)fantastic. Utter hilarity perfection! It was fun to read all the comments. Thanks for posting!

C said...

This blog had me so upset.... I can't stand that people leave such nasty comments. THEN I saw that picture and ceased being able breathe from laughing. I think my husband thought I was having a seizure. love it!