Thursday, April 28, 2011


Suesan @ Frou Fru Gal created one of the coolest projects that we have ever seen.  So cool indeed that is was featured on Re-Nest
The first comment on the post was from "Sam I Am" and he said this:
 That poor settee. :(
The Slammed Settee Says:
Dear Sam I Am,
Thank you for your thoughtful, but misplaced, concern for me. Before my owner bought me, I was dirty and neglected. My upholstery was ugly and so last, last, last, last season. Powder Blue went out with geese, sunflowers and bunny rabbit decor. I was choking to death under my ancient varnish. My true beauty was hidden under that old finish. Now my natural grain and inner beauty shines proudly for all to see. I love my map. It's cool and now and unexpected. Don't cry for me, Sam I Am. I'm free and beautiful and everything I ever wanted to be.
The Coolest Settee on the Block.

Mandi Says:
Seriously.  I only WISH I could come up with projects as amazing as this. Sam you are seriously delusional if you think this settee was better before.

Vivienne Says:
That Sam I Am, that Sam I Am! I do not like that Sam I Am!  We do not all have to like the same things, but there are ways to avoid hurting her feelings! That Sam I Am!  I do not like his attempt at a witticism... he'd be better off trying some constructive criticism!  
(On a non-Seussian note: I adore this settee and have told her more than once how awesome it is! Sam I Am should refer to the map... perhaps he could find where he left his manners.)

What Do You Say?


Judy C said...

Interesting. The snarky comments coming from men. On craft blogs. Weird.

JHill said...

First off, I love that settee. I want to stroke it and pet it and call it Fred.

Maybe Sam does not like it in a box or with a fox or here or there or anywhere, but he can take a flying leap. More Green Eggs, Ham and gorgeous, creative furniture for the rest of us!

Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

While that settee is not in my own taste, I can admire the great creativity and insight she used to create such a fantastic piece of furniture. Honestly, if you don't have anything nice...
Amy said...

Here is a man named Sam I Am.
Who wasn't very polite.
He only knew how to pick fights.
And when his manner drove all his
friends away,
He came online, to start a fray!

Kathy S said...

I agree why is Sam I am on crafting blog first off, and why the need to make a lame comment? So it isn't in his taste, a LOT of other people including myself think it is gorgeous!
Move along Sam I am!

Good Time Charlie said...

Sam I am may not be a man. Maybe Sam I am is just a sham. Poor Sam, he/she will not see past the traditional way. Poor Sam, I don't know what to say. Except Sam, you made my day. Thanks for the meanie remarks.

Now for that awesome settee, with its fabric map, is just what I needed to get working on my crap!

Gloria Fox @ Potentially Beautiful said...

Love all the rhyming comments. LOL Sam I Am is nuts. Even if you don't like the style of something, you can appreciate the work and creativity that went into it. By the way, that settee is amazing!

MiMi said...

I, for one, think it's cool, because I could sit on TX and fart if I wanted.
Take that Sam I Am.

Lesley said...

Oh Sam. You silly little man. Go back to your xbox and and leave the sweet settee alone.

Ashley Poulsen said...

Even my husband loved this (not that he's hard to please, but he's a dude through and through, so he doesn't usually comment on awesomeness of awesome things.) With that said, Maybe, and that's a big huge maybe Sam I Am meant before hand it was a poor settee? I don't know, there must be a little brownie involved in his morning ritual, if you know what I mean! because that thing is seriously my newest coveted project!