Friday, April 22, 2011

The Debate Over A Pie Plate

One of Mandi’s best friends Kimbo @ A Girl and A Glue Gun was left a comment on this post about glass etching.

Is it just me, or are some of your phrases really rude?

The Slammed Blogger Says:

Dear Anonymous,
thank you ever so much for the kind words. Oh wait. no. take that back.
thank you for taking YOUR valuable time to point out the obvious.
Yes, my sayings are rude. but I wouldn't say REALLY rude.
more like funny rude and I will be accompanying my pan to any social the people will know it's mine...and since they know offense will be given (and I am not saying i'm rude...more like my sense of humor.)

and you can see the award that Kimbo gave her here.

After Kimbo’s post went live, Anonymous sent her an email that said:

"Anonymous here. I stuck my foot in my mouth
the other day. I am SO sorry about what I said and I hope it did not
ruin your week. I think you are brilliant most of the time, funny, and
your ideas are so great and original. I have have been a long time
reader of your blog.

You, and your wonderful readers have every right to be upset with me,
I know I was the moment I hit send! The pans did seem rude, but who
cares really, like you said, people who know you are the only ones
that would see it, and they wouldn't be offended.

Again, I am so sorry. If I could bring you a bouquet of flowers and
make you a nice casserole, I would ;)

I will no longer comment here, and you keep doing what you are doing. "

Mandi Says:

Kimbo is one of the funniest people ever to grace this earth. I actually copied the pie plate and use it to count my calories. As for anonymous her apology sums it up. Bad Day. So as a word to the wise, Don’t comment if you are mad at your husband, kids, work, the driver that cut you off, the employees at walmart or your dog. Cause it might be just as bad as drunk dialing.

Vivienne Says:

We all have bad days and do dumb things. (Some of us more regularly than others...) I love that Kimbo addresses Anonymous' comment with a sense of humor and rightly defended her choice of phrases, etched on her pyrex pans.

Even more? I love that Anonymous wrote a note of apology and admitted she might have over-reacted. It takes strength of character to admit a mistake... especially to admit it publicly.

What do you say?


Jen said...

Wow...I can vouch for what you said...I made the same mistake once on a friend's blog who finally ticked me off more than I can bear. But she truly was being rude and hurtful, and I called her out publicly on her blog. Something I should not and would NOT have done if I had not just found out my dad might have cancer and a bunch of other "stuff". Keep doing what you're doing! But yes, we all have our "days" and thankfully we get a fresh start every day! Blessings!!

Melissa O said...

I thought the sayings were very funny, but I guess everyone gets to have their opinion.
I actually thought the anonymous email was very nice. They realized their mistake and tried to make it better. Way to go anonymous.

MiMi said...

Some people don't have a sense of humor.
They are probably also pan stealers.

Kimbo West @ a girl and a glue gun said...

i had a thought...say I die. (knock on wood) and my pyrex pans get sent to the d.i. would people buy them?

and for the record...I felt bad after anonymous sent her email. maybe my sense of humor is a little rude. lol.

chris said...

well THAT was refreshing. its like once we are out of kindergarten we have forgotten how to apologize.

thanks anonymous.

Brittany Lynn said...

I'm here to be your Wonder Bra - the sarcastic humor is my favorite. Take it from a girl who calls her hubby "idiot" when he does something sweet. Think, Debra Ramone-ish.

Of course, your rude humor is a little more mature than mine. In response to Anonymous, I would have said, "Not as rude as your FACE!" lol.

Lyssa said...

The funniest thing is that the phrases are not rude at all. I was thinking a lot worse. I guess I don't get it. Some people are sensitive or thrive on being offended over everything!

Kassandra @ Coffee and their Kisses said...

Kimbo is hilarious and I love her smart allic humor! The anon sure did stick her foot in her mouth. It was nice that she apologized, but some people should read what the type before hitting send.

Sandi D said...

I hope she sent you a good casserole, and not something like jello carrot salad. :D

Anonymous said...

Those etchings made me laugh.

This anonymous is pretty awesome. Sending an e-mail to apologize? Saying "I took my crappy day out on you?" That is just...hands down...a fantastic thing to do.