Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lazy and Gross

Kim @ One Happy Momma got this response to her post called Confessions of a Slacker Mom.
"I am not sure whether I should be reading this as a serious discussion...
Part of what you had to say is reasonable, or reasonably believable. And, some of it is totally lazy/gross.
Of course there is always room for a jammie day, what else is holiday time for?
My kids get showers every other day because they have such dry skin that they would be scale-y if I didn't, regardless of how much lotion I put on them.
We are not couch eaters and never will be, but I also have 4 kids, and that would just be a nightmare for me...
Everything else you had to say just came across like you don't care about the state of your house/kids. Maybe you weren't trying to sound lazy and careless, but that's how it reads. Just sad actually."

Our Slammed Blogger Says:
Yes....holidays...that's the only time I have jammie days too...HAH. More like "If I have nowhere to go why dirty more laundry?" Really it was a reminder to me that nobody wants to be judged by someone who doesn't even know them. And then I judged her and put her on the "jerks who don't even know me and are really rude" list.

Mandi Says:
Oh CRAP, The only time we don’t wear our jammies all day at our house is on holidays. And just cause Kim posted about how all of our houses really are you are going to call her lazy and careless? Welcome to motherhood.

Vivienne Says:
sarchasm - (noun) The gap that exists between sarcasm and the people who don't understand it.
I think Kim should let the dog just lick the baby and the dishes clean, then she would have more time to finish her sewing projects. Then they could eat at the table.

What do you say?


Judy C said...

Interesting. My kids are grown and gone and raising their kids in ways I wouldn't have. The only problem with pajama days is that the kids are into so many activities now there is rarely a day they don't have to be at least 3 places. And eating at the dining room or kitchen table is a luxury saved for the time when most are at home at the same time. But really, I am still of the walking a mile in their shoes school. Judgement must come from someone who lives the life, not someone who hears about it.

Patti said...

Unbelievable... but yet once again a reminder to me that "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all'! It amazes me how people so easily forget all tact and decorum when hidden away in their lairs ... typing their judgements. 9 times out of 10 the things they are judging others about, are issues they themselves feel guilty about! LOL As we say here in the south, 'BLESS THEIR HEARTS" and as I like to say, "Remove your fingers from the keyboard and step away slowly, slowly, slowly! = )

Indiri said...

I read her post and don't know what that commenter was thinking. And, to be honest, my kids get bathed twice a week and that's it unless they did something to get filthy (like getting into the mud puddles or sleeping in the dog bed). And her baby will not care if it's pajamas or a cute little outfit everyday so what's wrong with leaving the pajamas on if they are still clean?

Jessie K said...

I loved Vivienne's response!

Y'know, I don't know a mom who doesn't have days (weeks) like that. I certainly do! We definitely "live" in our jammies around here! And the girls' hair... might not get brushed every day. (Bad mommy!) Sometimes it looks like I'm taking little refugee children to the store because I've forgotten to wash their faces before we go out in public! The only reason my kids get a bath every night is because about 7:00 I. Need. A. Break! There, I said it. My kids drive me crazy (at times) and I'm selfish! And lazy! And gross! I'm the Picture Imperfect Housewife!

Stephanie&Alfonso said...

ha I loved that post! Especially the jammie part. I wear mine all the time! And my little man pretty much runs around in his underwear all the time because that's what he wants and I'm all for less laundry haha.

The other day the missionaries stopped by at like 1 in the afternoon and when I answered the door in my pj's they were like oh I'm sorry did we wake you up?? haha nnnnnoooo I just stay in the jams all the time.

Libby said...

My son is known in three different states for never wearing clothes.....still. He's 3 1/2 yrs old. Who cares! If you don't like it, leave or in this case, click off the page. I agree with Patti! "Bless her heart!" Poor girl must be perfect, what a burden!

Becca said...

Funny, I heard a conversation just yesterday about how EASY it is to be hurtfully critical on the internet b/c you can hide behind your comments - you would never say something like this to someone's face, as you would never have the courage too.

Unfortunately, there are too many of these types of people out there now......

And now we have a blog that stands up for it!!!


Indiri said...

A friend posted a video link on Facebook today that reminded me of this. It's the Mom's Rhapsody (a parody of Queen) that is really well done.

My favorite part is:

I'm just a mom
I need no sympathy
Because I do it all
On the go
Poopy pants, runny nose
Kitchen, kids and laundry
Everything is dirty
No sleep, no sleep.

Anyway, thought it might give you all a giggle.

kimber said...

holy cow indiri: hilarious! Made my day

Jayna Rae said...

I say that I too live in reality where life, jammies, and messes happen on more than holidays. Oh wait!!! My kids are 9 months and 2; I don't have holidays!!!!!!!!!! My husband came from one of those model perfect all the time homes, seriously. Even his mom tells me that she shouldn't have been that way and that it takes up too much of the fun times of childhood. PS . . . I may not even know when the last time I bathed the Roly Poly was. Maybe on Tuesday? Desert, dry skin, and a 9 month old really doesn't get dirty. Judge me. Really, I am a tough gal.

Myya said...

Viv's response has me cracking up!!!

Who is someone to think they have the right to judge anyways??? In my opinion judging should be made by the man upstairs & no one else! If you've got a different way of doing thing or a differnet opinion there are WAY better ways to express it then to belittle someone!

Chris Wooten said...

Oh my I am retired and when home I stay in my PJ's. I only get dress in regular clothes when I go outside or leave the house, lol.

I feel like I earned this relax time in my life now. I do shower each day and put on clean PJ's but I live in PJ's all the time.

The Shotwell's said...

Oh my goodness! I just read these comments and Kim's post and am feeling totally validated! I have spent years feeling guilty because I"m not a "perfect mom". I can totally relate to everything Kim said. And I am so happy to hear I'm not the only one that skips kids baths because I'm lazy and don't have them dressed perfectly every single day.
I reached a point in my life , 8 years of marriage and 3 kids later, where I've realized that I will never be "perfect" when it comes to those things. I'm too lazy!!